Security / Threat Protection

IT Security / Threat Protection has often been referred to as a “moving Target” - there is a constant game of “cat and mouse” going on between cyber criminals trying to infiltrate systems and security experts trying to protect their charges.

Is your business at risk from?

  • Data breaches, theft or loss, malicious or accidental?
  • Incorrect or illegal use of data, abuse of privacy or confidentiality?
  • Fraud and other criminal activity, internal or external?
  • Cyber-espionage, industrial, political and state-sponsored?
  • Sabotage, Blackmail, Business Disruption, Intrusions?
  • Viruses and Malware?
  • Cloud Computing, Outsourcing, Consumerization of IT?

Advanced Protection

In order to combat sophisticated threats from to-day’s cyber criminals, industry experts recommend that businesses adapt a layered approach to security; a “defense in depth” approach.

Here at DataTrust, we use multiple, separate technologies to ensure detection, prevention and maximum protection for systems, throughout each level of an organization. 

Through a process of continuous monitoring and analysis, the use of cutting edge, firewall technology, intrusion detection systems and next generation anti-virus software, we can provide maximum security and advanced threat protection for your business.

The team at DataTrust have an unparalleled combination of security qualifications and experience.

Prior to the advent of broadband, most organisations’ IT systems were only connected to the Internet, when they were actually doing something on there, e.g. browsing the Internet, sending/receiving email, sending/receiving files etc.

Broadband changed all that. Nowadays, the majority of systems are permanently connected to the Internet and as a consequence, permanently available for attack.

At the same time, for cyber criminals - the possibility of exchanging information and tools completely anonymously over the “dark net” as well as being able to receive payment equally anonymously, via encrypted currency, has been a very lucrative attraction. A malware kit (used to create viruses) can be purchased on the “dark net” for approximately $3000 and allows almost anybody become a cybercriminal overnight.

For example, the Cryptolocker ransomware earned its creators $27 million in the first two months of its existence!  To date, in excess of $300 million in ransom payments have been made from this malware.

The team at DataTrust have an unparalleled combination of security qualifications and experience. To boot, we have always felt that it serves our customers best interests to adopt a conservative approach to security.  Whilst other security providers go to the media talking about how they helped their customers recover from a security incident, we continue doing what we do best - making sure our customers never have a security incident in the first place.

Client Testimonials

...highly efficient service provider delivering an excellent service in plain English.. .. extremely helpful in fixing any problem that may arise with our system. . .

Charlotte Vaughan Provident Financial Group Ltd.

For over ten years. . . demonstrate a full understanding of our business needs and provide timely, resilient, scala

Clare O'Sullivan Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

They were terrific, not only did they manage to regain the information we had originally lost but also had our machine running like new. Lesson learned we signed up to their Online Backup Service.

Nico O’Higgins SoBo Cafe

I can wholeheartedly recommend the DataTrust Online Backup Service. We use them, as a partner, for Recovered Data Vaulting.

Keith Cooney, Managing Director DataRescue Data Recovery Services

...from the moment I got in touch with Datatrust it was obvious I had nothing to worry about. .I always felt I was in very capable hands . . . no hesitation in recommending these guys . . .  

Les Griffin Bikeworld ( )

They are always available to take a call and answer queries, in fact I don’t think there’s anything they don’t have an answer for in this area!

David Cawley Allegro Acoustics

Solicitors have a duty to protect their clients’ data – the consequences of neglecting that duty does not bear thinking about. As with all Legal Practices, we engage a Third Part IT Support Partner.

David H. Christie, Partner Christie & Gargan Solicitors

...very responsive, supportive and fully compliment our business from an IT perspective.

Cecilia O'Neill Lernihan O'Neill Solicitors

We have been using DataTrust to look after all our Data Backup Requirements for the past number of years.

David Fitzgerald, Solicitor Fitzgerald & Company Solicitors

With eight busy creches on the go, the last thing I could occupy my time with is worrying about whether our systems were being backed up or not.

Deirdre Kelly, Managing Director Links Childcare

We have being availing of the services of Data Trust Limited for 11 Years . . . the service is extremely efficient and friendly

Sarah Hayes Inns Court Legal Cost Accountants

We have been using Datatrust for our corporate online backups since they began offering this service in 2004. Moving to an Online Backup solution has given us far more confidence that our data...

Michael Joyce, Managing Director Broadcast Video Services

This firm has used DataTrust to provide backup facilities for us for over 8 years now. In the course of that time we have never had a failure, any queries that we have raised have been...

Paul N. Beausang Paul N. Beausang & Co. Solicitors

This firm has used DataTrust to provide backup facilities for over 8 years now. In the course of that time we have never had a failure, any queries that we have raised have been quickly resolved...

Mary Arnold & Kalanne O'Leary O’Leary Arnold & Co. Solicitors

Truly excellent service! Always there when we need them. Weekly reports are great.

Ciaran Maher Maher Gleeson Estates

I can heartily refer the team at DataTrust on the basis of the enthusiasm and professionalism with which they support my Team and I.

Michael Hegarty Smyth O'Brien Hegarty Solicitors

Truly excellent all round service – Second to None . . . These guys looks like they have read, digested and delivered the quality service manual!

Bob Flynn iCommunity ( )

As a busy legal practice, backup is critical to our business. It is imperative that in the event of a system failure we can access all our files and client information immediately.

Peter McDonnell Peter McDonnell & Associates

We have dealt with Data Trust for many years now . . .have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us with our I.T. issues.

David Sherlock Sherlock & Co. Law Searchers

I am very happy with the service I have received from Data Trust. We have been a customer since the company’s inception and I find the staff very friendly and helpful.

Lisa Duggan, Accounts Manager Techplus Ltd

We readily recommend Datatrust as we know that our trust is well founded - in fact we recommend them all the time. .

Michael Gilmartin, Managing Director Legal & General Software

Technical Support is personal, attentive and impressive. I am very, very impressed with the service.

Dr Syed Babk Taori The Glendale Clinic

This is the way things should be and are going to be. . . Excellent System

Thomas Loomes Thomas Loomes & Co. Solicitors

We then backed up on tapes and CD’s but this was proving very hard in order to keep an offsite backup up to date.

Celine Florence French Property Experts

The security of our company data was a constant concern for us – as I am sure it is for everybody, at some point in time.

David Blennerhasett, Sales Director FG Wilson Engineering (Dublin) Ltd

... we consider them to be an integral part of our company  ... will never let you down and will go to the nth degree . . .we can only heartily recommend . . .

Pat Stephenson North's Property

. . . . since 2006 . . . have always acted in a proactive manner with expertise and in a timely manner. Would highly recommend them.

Tom Baldwin, Principal Early & Baldwin Solicitors

I would highly recommend the services Data Trust Ltd. offers, the back up is excellent with a great support at very competitive prices.

Olivier Florence Flo Web Design Ltd