Virtual Servers

A virtual server from Data Trust gives all the functionality and security of a physical server with much more flexibility.

As a cloud based service it can be accessed easily and quickly from your location whether you’re in the office, the home or travelling for business. All of our virtual servers are in a secure modern high speed data centre with Cisco VPN connection.

We use Cisco firewalls to create a site to site Virtual Private Network.

We Can Help Your Businesses By

We use Cisco firewalls to create a site to site VPN, (virtual private network). This ensures that your server is secured with military grade encryption (AES 256Bit). With this in place you can securely access your server from anywhere in the world. With traditional cloud offerings your server is open to the internet and you don’t know where your data is stored.

  • Save on expensive hardware upgrades.
  • Save on electricity bills for server.
  • No need to worry over power outages.
  • Eliminate the risk of hardware failures.
  • Improve business continuity.
  • No more Virus concerns
  • More environmentally friendly

  • The ability to expand quickly without buying extra hardware.

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